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Individuals that give of their time, talent and gifts are the heart and soul of the camping ministry.   Without the countless hours shared by volunteers the camping ministry you know and love would not exist.  You are a gift and make the difference when you serve as an “Unpaid Staff Member” in one or more of the following capacities at the local church, at the individual camp sites or within the Conference:

Volunteer Application | Register for camp

*Note Once your volunteer application has been processed, you will be sent a link to complete a background check.  It is best to use a computer for the background screening rather than a mobile device.  Please make sure to register for the camp you will be volunteering at!

Volunteers at the Camp Sites


Shepherds are that familiar face of someone the camper knows and trusts from back home.  It might be Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma an aunt or uncle, close friend, Sunday school teacher or pastor.  The shepherd is responsible for up to five campers, participates in all camp activities and assists the Dean as needed.  It's convenient if shepherds are of the same sex as the campers, however, moms often come with sons and dads with daughters. Lodging may be seperate.

Signing up:  There are two parts to signing up.  If you registered your child for camp, you need to add yourselves as a camper.  There should be "add camper" once you are finished adding their child.  Once you have added the correct birthdate and grade/adult it will put the camps that qualify for adults.  Then you chose the camp that has shepard behind the title.  Second part - All shepherds must have a clear background check.  Permission to do the background check must be received at least 7 days prior to the start of camp to insure the background check is completed before camp begins.  The fee for shepherds is $85. 


You must be willing to enjoy a wonderful week with the children and/or youth of the Dakotas Conference!!!  You will eat and sleep with campers, share your faith and have a great time.  Counselors receive a full scholarship for the camp.  You may complete this process and register for camp by clicking on the "Registering" button above and also completing a background screening.  

Counselors in Training (CITs)

This is a junior volunteer position. You will help the camp deans and counselors with any and all parts of camp. To serve as a C.I.T. you must be at least 3 years older than the campers, have approval of the dean and a recommendation from your pastor or youth leader. 8th and 9th graders may only serve in the elementary camps. You will receive 1/2 cost scholarship for the camp.  There is no online registration option for CITs. To register you must complete the registration form linked below and return it to the Camping office. Contact the Camping and Retreat Office by phone 605-996-6552.


These dedicated individuals agree to give their time to plan and execute a camping experience ranging from 24 hours to 6 days, on site or perhaps on the white waters of a Colorado River or in the Big Horn Mountains.  Not only do they plan but they recruit and train their counselors and work with the camping staff and their campers.  We love our camp deans!  All deans are required to do a background screening and register with the camping office.  

Bus Chaperones

Ride the bus across the state on Sunday and return Friday.  Responsibilities include taking roll, counting noses after each stop and keeping the children and youth on the bus safe.  The days between Sunday and Friday are yours to spend as you wish in retreat or volunteering at Storm Mountain or if you have friends in the Hills you are free to visit and tour with them. You may register as a bus chaperone by clicking the green "Volunteer Registration" tab on the right. After completing the background screening information choose "transportation" to complete your registration.


Skilled medical providers are always welcome at camp to help with first aid needs and dispense medications.  Nurses are especially needed during our Circle of Friends camps for those will all abilities at all three sites. Call the Camping and Retreat Ministries office to be a volunteer nurse.

Work Teams

Work teams of all sizes from one to 30 are needed at each camp for jobs that might include working in the flower beds, painting, siding, landscaping, splitting wood, sewing curtains, baking, cleaning, or anything in between.   It is amazing to see how many weeks of work can be accomplished in a few days with a group of individuals.  We love it!

Within the Conference

Individuals with a gift for policy and governance are needed to serve on the Conference Board of Camping and Retreat Ministries.


Local Church Volunteers

Camp Ambassador

Camping Sundays in the local church just don’t happen by themselves.  It takes dedicated individuals with a passion for camping to promote and encourage participation from the local churches and throughout the community.  We all lead busy lives and it takes personal contact and relationship building to ask children/youth/adults which camp they plan to attend and then follow up to be sure they get registered and have a way to camp.  If you are this person, what a gift you are to the local church and the pastor! Click here for more information - Camp Ambassador

Prayer Warriors

God changes the world through prayer.  Pray for the campers and their families, for the camping staff, for the volunteers, for God to raise up and send those that need to be at camp, for God’s influence and transformation through the camping ministry, for whatever God puts on your heart!

If you are interested please contact the camping office.

Phone: (605) 990-7780

Wesley Acres Camp & Retreat

1821 115th Ave SE
Dazey, ND 58429

Storm Mountain Center

23740 Storm Mt Rd
Rapid City, SD 57702

Lake Poinsett Camp

20 South Lake Drive
Arlington, SD 57212

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